Building cleantech businesses

Sustainable Growth Consultants offers management consulting services and financing solutions with focus on building, growing and expanding cleantech companies.

Our consultants understand cleantech challenges from the business, operational, technical and financial perspectives and deliver services specifically designed to meet our clients' growth needs. Our focus areas represent our key cleantech and business competences and are those segments where we can offer the most value through our extensive experiences and contact network in the target industries.

Sustainable Growth Consultants offers a unique combination of:

  1. Industrial and start-up professionals with an international contact network
  2. 100 % dedication to cleantech engagements
  3. Willingness to share risk and invest
  4. Strong involvement in the European cleantech investor community

Cleantech focus segments

  • Renewable energy conversion
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart grids
  • Energy storage
  • E-mobility
  • Enabling materials & technology